International guitar competition

Visuel du concours de guitare 2018The City of Antony is organising, in parallel of the event "Les Rencontres internationales de la guitare", the International Guitar Competition.

During three days, contestants from all over the world are gathered together. The competition is open to guitarists from any nationality without any age limit.

Rules and application form

About the guitar competition

An important place is given to creation as every year we ask a contemporary composer to write a new piece for the competition : Leo Brouwer (2019), Arnaud Dumond (2018), Sérgio Assad (2017), Atanas Ourkouzounov (2016), Anthony Girard (2015), Karol Beffa (2014), Eric Pénicaud (2013), Roland Dyens (2011), Carlos Moscardini (2011), Eric Tanguy (2010), Léo Brouwer (2009), Sébastien Vachez (2008), Jean-Baptiste Devillers (2007), Adrien Politi (2006), Jean-Michel Ferran (2005), Diogènes Rivas (2004), Eduardo Martin (2003), Juan Falu (2002), Philippe Lemaigre (2001), de Alain Mitéran (2000). 

2017's results

Final's videos

Nikita Nedleko

Rémy Patel

Clément Charpentier

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